Activities for 2018 – Results!

Here are the top 14 results from our poll.

Total number of participants: 11

Time to nourish! Massage and alternative treatments 8.2 %
Presentation by Oncologist 7.1 %
Presentation by Surgeon 7.1 %
Presentation by Breast Care Nurse  7.1 %
Visit an NGS garden in June or July  6.1 %
Christmas Party 6.1 %
Mobile beauty makeover  6.1 %
Rainbow (Cancer) Diet Recipes by Nutrichef 5.1 %
Meet other nearby cancer support groups  5.1 %
Singing workshop/ classes 5.1 %
A practical/making/craft session or workshop eg wreath making at Christmas  5.1 %
Presentation on nutrition by Barbara Parry  5.1 %
Amoena Collection Presentation  5.1 %
Meditation Class 5.1 %

Activities we have had in 2017 :
presentation by Cancer Exercise Specialist, Jane Bulloch from Can Recover
presentation Breast Care Nurse, Ann Stockley about current research projects
demonstration by Aromatherapist, Amanda Stebbing
Q & A with Senior Research Dietitian, Ms Barbara Parry
Breast Care Nurse Claire Barnaby visit
Nicky, Colour Consultant from No Mistaking


Winchester 7 Nov 2017 Meeting Summary

1. Christmas Party Update – Linda contacted That’s Hampshire. They don’t normally do filming in the evening and Linda was given two more people to contact. Linda needs details of the event.
As there was no update from Emma, Linda will be taking over the organisation of the event. Jackie and Sue are still happy to run the raffle and Christmas quiz. Budget for prizes at £50. The group is very grateful to Debra for donating a bottle of champagne towards the raffle. Linda will send out email to everyone (emailed 7/11 night), contact the caterer (emailed 7/11 night),contact Sue about having her accordion group to play and also to accompany carol singing if possible (done 8/11 morning) and get crackers for tables.

2. Cake Sale Fundraising
3 Oct – Amoena sale £21. {£15 donation from Mary. £2 dragon fruit sale to go towards cake sale. Ruth confirmed that this was part of £246.15}
4 Oct – Amoena sale £30
5 Oct – Sale of cakes – £246.15. Sale of clothing – £34. Expenses – £4 parking
7 Oct – Amoena sale £118
8 Oct – Amoena sale £32
17 Oct – Amoena sale £3

Total so far – £480.15. £160.05 for each group so far.

18 Oct – £2 donation from Emma’s friend – to be collected

Once the final figure is confirmed we plan to present the cheques at our Christmas party on the 5 Dec.

3. Amoena Clothing – Fleming Park would be happy for us to sell lingerie and leisurewear (not swimwear) to raise more money. Would anyone be able to help sell? Linda also needs someone to help store the clothing if possible.

4. Linda followed up with Christine from Curves about their donation to the group.

5. Our next meeting is the Christmas party on 5 Dec, 7.30pm-10.30pm. There is no meeting in Winchester in January. Details of Christmas party is available at

– Refreshments £7

– New Home card for Debra 50p
– Milk 50p
– Biscuits £1.59

21 November 2017 – Eastleigh Cancer Support Meeting in Chandlers Ford

Just a few friendly people having an informal meeting where we chat and share information over a cuppa!
This support group is open to anyone affected by cancer (doesn’t matter what type of cancer). Run by survivors for survivors, this group aims to offer a safe environment for men and women affected by cancer to get together over a cup of tea/ coffee and chat! You are free to come and go as you wish.

We look forward to seeing you! Please feel free to call us or fill in our contact form if you’d like to have a chat first.

Date: Tuesday 21 Nov 2017

Time: 19:30-21:00
Venue: Wessex Cancer Trust, 91-95 Winchester Rd, Chandler’s Ford, Eastleigh SO53 2GG (just above Domino’s Pizza)
Cost: £1 for tea/coffee and snacks (please don’t worry if you forget to bring your pound, You can give it to us at the following meeting)