Join Breast Cancer Friends Hampshire for online support

Breast Cancer Friends Hampshire UK is managed by the lovely Sandie Evans for anyone who lives in THE HAMPSHIRE AREA ONLY & has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer either recently or in the past.

For a national group Sandie recommends All who request to join will be asked via a private message (so please look in your message box) to reply saying where you live so we can keep this to the Hampshire area. There are many other national & international groups for all to join, which are great but sometimes we need people who live near to us. if no reply within 7 days then the request will be deleted.

Please post & comment & also encourage anyone else in same position that you know to join so we can share our information, as experiences & knowledge & of course support is what this group is all about. Please make your Breast Care Team aware of our group asking others to join as often many are very frightened & lonely out there particularly at beginning of diagnosis & as we all know early support from others experience is a real life line…

All postings & comments must be supportive & respectful towards members & no advertising please. Admin has the right to delete postings deemed inappropriate for the group. This includes anyone who’s opinions cause upset to other members in the group. We welcome debates & different opinions but must always be respectful to peoples feelings.

For Family Members Support, those who do not have BC themselves but relatives or friends do, there is a Support Group for you to join – link –