14 October 2015 – The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest

American Ty Bollinger will be running nine FREE 1 hour films – one a day for nine days – starting 13 October (Starts 9.00 pm Eastern time USA so about 3am on 14th October in UK)

“The Unbelievable but True Story Of 131 Doctors, Scientists, And Survivors From 27 Countries Who Unite To Cure Cancer Once And For All”. That’s the resume for the series. And you can watch for FREE as Ty goes round the world on his personal global quest for potential cures for cancer.

I defy any one not to learn something really important from this series. You’ll be inspired. So, click the link below to watch the series trailer and then you can register to watch the whole series when it comes out. You sign up, and they send you the series link. It’s that simple. And it’s all FREE.

Watch the Trailer – Register now

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