Eastleigh 15 March 2016 Meeting Summary

A very warm welcome to our new visitor Nola Clark! We hope you enjoyed yourself so much that you would come again!

We had a wonderful time chatting and getting to know each other better. We also did a 10 minute guided meditation using Deepak Chopra’s video below (there is mention about writing at the end but we just visualised it)

Thank you to Mary who did a wonderful job serving and washing up.

We had biscuits and vegetable sticks with homemade hummus.

I had to make it again the next day just so that I can take a photo of it!

What lovely ladies. I’m so glad that I could make it – that hummus is lovely – Nola Clark

Click here for Hummus Recipe

Attendance: 4
Total collection: £3.00. Donation to Wessex Cancer Trust: £2.00
Expenses: £1 for hummus and vegetable sticks

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