Winchester 6 September 2016 Meeting Summary

A very warm welcome to our new visitor Andrea Windebank! We hope you had a lovely time at the meeting and we look forward to seeing you again soon. We would also like to thank Claire and Miranda from Amoena for seeing us. Claire we are very grateful that you travelled “only 1.5 hours” to present the new 2016 Autumn/ Winter Collection. If anyone would like a copy of the Amoena catalogue, please send a message via our contact form.

Claire showed us lingerie that are always in stock and also a preview of the new collection which will be available online and in the Amoena shop in a few weeks. We loved the fabric. The new 3 in 1 Rio swimming suit was fabulous too – hope Jackie gets it in time for her cruise!

The new catalogue will be out soon too. For those who have taken a catalogue, I just noticed that on the last page of the insert “Dare to be Confident” there is a photo on the last page of one of us!

Please mention WBC10 for 10% off orders over £50. Valid until the end of October 2016 against full priced items only.

We noticed that some of you have not come with your name badges – tsk, tsk 🙂 You are very welcomed to leave them with me to bring to the meetings. Do try to keep them safe and wear them to all meetings. All the name badges were donated by Linda. If you have lost yours and would like another one, there will be a small charge of 50p.

Volunteers for refreshments
Many thanks to Betty for volunteering and Mary,Jackie and Emma for helping. We need 2 volunteers for October’s meeting to help serve tea and biscuits. I will buy biscuits and I have teas and coffee to bring so I just need one volunteer to bring milk. Please would you sign up at

I also need a volunteer for the meeting on 20 September in Chandlers Ford. Please would you sign up at

October Cake Sale
Some have indicated interest in helping to manage & sell. Linda will contact the breast care nurse to confirm a suitable date. We would be very grateful for your cake and biscuit donations!

Next Meeting: 4 October 2016 – Time to Nourish (we hope to pay for some therapists to experience different treatments). Anne Stockley, our breast care nurse will also be attending. Donations to cover therapists’ fees would be gratefully received

Activities/ Talks for 2017
Please have a think about this as we value your input. This group is run by survivors for survivors. Send us your suggestions via the contact form. Comments on what activities/talks you really enjoyed would be much appreciated.
Activities in 2016 so far are
– Yoga with Aarti
– Guest Speaker Steve Brine
– Grow your own with Linda
– NGS Garden visits in Cranbury Park and Crawley
– Reconnecting with yourself and Scenar Therapy by Tasha Ault
– Meditation by Andrea Jonston
– Breast care nurse Claire visit
– Amoena Autumn/ Winter Collection
Please do send us your suggestions and we will put it in a poll so you can vote on what you want!

Attendance: 11

– Refreshments £12
– Amoena end of range sale on 21/7 £17.50
– Amoena end of range sale on 16/8 £10
Total collected: £39.50

2 x gifts and thank you cards £6
biscuits £0.98
Dorset lemon & ginger tea £1
Total expenses: £7.98

Balance = £39.50 – £7.98 = £31.52

Summary: £2.50 (to be collected from A) + £43.02 (to be collected from L) = £45.52 for the treasurer

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