Winchester 2 May 2017 Meeting Summary

  1. A very warm welcome to Jackie attending our Winchester meeting for the first time.
  2. We are very sorry to hear that our treasurer is resigning. We would like to thank Caroline for all her work behind the scenes as our treasurer. We wish Caroline success and happiness in her future endeavours. Our original team of 3 is now down to 1 🙁 Emma has kindly offered to help Linda with the running of the group 🙂 We still need 1 more volunteer to help run the group.
  3. Breast Cancer Nurse Claire will attend the next meeting on the 16 May in Chandlers Ford. Please email Linda if you have any questions for her.
  4. Senior Research Dietitian, Ms Barbara Parry has confirmed that she will be presenting on 4 July in Winchester. Please let us know if you are attending the meeting that day.
  5. Breast surgeon, Ms Laws is unable to attend our meeting this or next month. Linda will ask Aromatherapist, Amanda if she would come to our next meeting on 6 June to give a talk and show members how to do a hand massage.
  6. Linda is unable to attend the June meeting and Emma has kindly agreed to run it.
  7. Walking Club – we discussed possible routes.
  8. Recipes – we talked about our go-to recipes and look forward to Emma’s Tuna sauce and Mary’s vegetable curry 🙂
  9. Amoena fundraising update
    The total raised so far = £264.50. Total spent = £165.00 (on treatments for the ladies)
  10. Cancer Survivor Tips – we discussed and added to the existing tips.

Attendance: 5
– Refreshments £6

– Milk & Biscuits £3.33
– Card & stamp for D – £1.50

£7.50 (to be collected from A)
£3.91 (L to give treasurer)

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