5 October 2017 – Cake & Amoena Sale at Florence Portal House

This year’s cake sale is a bit different – in addition to yummy cakes, we will also be selling Amoena swimwear, bras and sports wear. Amoena has kindly donated clothing for us to sell at the Cake Sale which is brilliant. huge thanks to Angie, Mary and Linda for helping with the collection and storage. Linda will be helping to set up and sell.

Your support is much needed so bake away! Get your friends to bake for us too!

The CAKE SALE this year will be held on 5th October 2015 at Florence Portal House in the Parent Craft room from 9am – 12pm. Ruth and Emma have kindly volunteered to organise and help with selling. Ann Stockley has kindly helped to book the Parent Craft room from 8am-1pm. Please use mailing list in the email Linda sent out on 16 Sep for communication with all members. Bring cakes in at the next meeting in Winchester on Tuesday 3 October or direct to Florence Portal House in the Parent Craft room on the day itself.

We raised £279.45 last year but aim to smash the £300 mark this year! All proceeds will be divided equally between Breast Cancer Care, Winchester Cancer Research Trust and our Cancer Support Groups in Winchester and Eastleigh.

Please click here to see the 2016 Cake Sale report and photos

More helpers are always welcomed!

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