Winchester 3 Oct 2017 Meeting Summary

A very warm welcome to Sandra! We hope you enjoyed the meeting and we look forward to seeing you again

Here are the items we discussed:

  1. Cake Sale – Mary has kindly donated £15. We received many lovely cakes – Thank you so much! Ruth baked 3 cakes on her birthday for the cake sale. Thank you so much and Happy Birthday Ruth!
  2. Christmas & Anniversary Party – Emma will sort out venue and update us on costs. Linda will contact That’s Hampshire to cover the event.
  3. Health Shack – co-founder Tasha Ault, our scenar therapist has launched a little healthy cafe also stocking natural suppleme43rdnts, skin care & providing holistic treatments. Your one stop shop to healthy living. Please check out Health Shack Fareham’s Facebook page. Half price treatment offer – Call Tasha on 07926 876 739 or Health Shack on 01489 232343
  4. Curves Eastleigh are fundraising this month for Breast Cancer Awareness. They would like to make a donation to our group. They have also requested for someone to give a talk.
  5. Winchester Gazette August Edition- Emma Jefferies from MLG Gazettes  has very kindly given us an electronic copy of the article that was published. Click here to read.
  6. The next Winchester meeting on 7 November 2017 will be held downstairs at the apse (the smaller part at the back of the church) in Christ Church. Please volunteer to help with refreshments.
  7. Linda sent an email on 26 July about needing a treasurer and a volunteer to help run the groups. She also brought this up at the meeting on 5 September. We still do not have a treasurer or another volunteer to help run the groups. Linda would like to give notice that meetings will not be running in 2018 if there are no volunteers


Attendance: 10
– Refreshments £8
– Amoena Clothing Sale £21 (Linda has sent £21 to group’s bank account on 4 Oct)
– Donation from Mary – £15 (given to Ruth)
– Dragon fruit sale – £2 (given to Ruth)

– Biscuits £2.53

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