Amoena – for you, like no other

We’re delighted that the world’s leading breast-care brand, Amoena, is one of our sponsors. Amoena makes the most gorgeous post-surgery lingerie, swimwear and clothing as well as a huge range of breast forms and symmetry shapers.

Stylish, supportive and as gorgeous as anything you wore before surgery, Amoena’s lingerie is expertly designed for the fit and comfort you need, with the glamour boost you want, and the range always includes seasonal styles that are perfect for a wardrobe refresh.

With a dedication to supporting you throughout your day, the collection also includes a sleek line of workout clothing, day dresses and separates, loungewear and nightwear too – all with integral, pocketed support.

This year, Amoena celebrates 40 years of helping women regain their sense of femininity and self-confidence after breast cancer. As well as its product range, Amoena also offers a support and advice, including its glossy lifestyle magazine, Amoena Life (find the latest online version

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