Winchester Hospital Breast Care Unit Information and Update

Clare Clayton-Lewis, Senior Breast Care Nurse came to our meeting in Winchester on 2nd April 2019 and had lots of interesting information & updates about Winchester Hospital Breast Care Unit.


1. Macmillan are funding & supporting the BC Nurses for their on going general training which will include breast taping (Claire Barnaby & Ann Stockley) for ones with breast lymphoedema. It’ll be an annual grant & they will need to show benefits to the patients at end of each year for the next years grant.
2. Alison Terry who is a Full time BCN in Basingstoke is now working 1 day a week at Winchester & Madeline Havis is cutting hours & only working in Breast Screening.
3. Ann Stockley & Sandy Lyford BCN, are offering nipple tattooing twice a month in Winchester.
4. Sigvaris sleeves for lymphoedema are now offering a much bigger range & different colours.
5. Open Access is now being offered to all new patients which means after treatment finishes they have the option of annual recall up to 5 years after diagnosis or they can self refer & not have annual app’s. There is a HC Support worker, Cassy, who will manage a dedicated phone line for self referrals (normally see someone within 2 weeks) & advise on support groups & all general holistic support.
6. A new Internet for Breast Unit & GP’s to have contact directly for patient advice.
7. Dr Raj using the Oncotype DX testing at time of surgery & sending to USA to assess whether patient needs chemo or not. Results take up to 2 weeks. Cost is high but units are being set up for testing to eventually be in the UK. A trial is in progress to assess patients now with lymph node involvement.
8. Miss Rosie Stanton is a new surgeon in Basingstoke who has trained in Nottingham to do the LD flap recon using under arm fat & skin rather than the back muscle. This results in a speedier recovery, back to work in 2-3 weeks! Rosie will be training surgeons in Winchester.
9. Mr Rainsbury although reduced hours still hasn’t retired but continues doing more teaching.
10. Miss Paramanathan has reduced her hours at Winchester.

Volunteering Opportunities

Sewing drain bags for patients after surgery. Due to infection control they are for single use only so cannot be reused for other patients. Clare brought in samples & they are slightly shorter than A4 size with fairly long shoulder strap as need to be worn across body.  Please contact breast care nurse on 01962 863 535 & ask for exact size of bag & length of shoulder strap.

2. Recovered patients to attend Moving Forward courses run by BCC & Living With & Beyond Cancer & Wellbeing Events run by Macmillan, to serve refreshments & chat to ladies. Dates can be added to our website & Facebook group.

Breast Forms

Clare brought in a large selection of many breast forms & advised ladies to make app to see the BCN. Normally these are supplied under the NHS every 2 years.


1. Health and Wellbeing Events 2019
2. Moving Forward Courses in Southampton and Winchester