Winchester 4 October 2016 Meeting Summary

Our ladies had lovely relaxing treatments which helped increased our sense of wellbeing. Tasha Ault from Alternative Pain Relief incorporated SCENAR Therapy and Cycloidal Massage Therapy. Naomi Freya Butterworth, a remedial/ sports massage therapist and personal trainer gave back, neck and shoulder massages.

Thank you for wearing your name badges 🙂

Attendance: 11

– Donations towards treatments £32.95
– Amoena end of range sale £20.00
Total collected: £52.95

1 x card £1
Biscuits (receipt date: 28/09/2016) £0.98
Therapists – £140 (paid by cheque)
Total Expenses: £141.98

L gave treasurer £98.35 collected from previous weeks.

Balance = £50.97

Summary: £2.50 (to be collected from A) + £50.97 (to be collected from L) = £53.47 for the treasurer

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