Cancer survivor tips – update

We know what you’re going through. Many of us experienced shock, fear and confusion when we first received our dreaded and sometimes unexpected diagnosis that it is no wonder we simply do not hear or understand the tide of information thrown at us.

Our aim is to list some things we have found helpful in our journey. We will keep updating this list.

When first diagnosed

  1. Join a local support group!
  2. Join Facebook group Breast Cancer Friends Hampshire UK run by our lovely Sandie Evans
  3. Join the Breast Cancer Care Forum. There are many different categories you can choose from. Some of our members have found it really supportive and useful. There is a forum specially for chemotherapy and you can join the relevant month where everyone there starts chemo treatment at around the same time.

Meeting consultant/health professionals

  1. Take someone with you. Bring a notepad and pen to note anything of interest/importance.
  2. Ask if you can record your conversation using your mobile phone (e.g. using Voice Recorder app). There is so much information to take in that this can be a really helpful exercise.

During Treatment

    1. Join the Breast Cancer Care Forum on Going Through Treatment. Some have found life long friends through the Chemotherapy Monthly Threads Forum.
    2. Get a PICC line/ port or similar before starting chemotherapy. All it takes is one intravenous chemo session to damage your vein (it took some of us over a year for our vein to recover).
    3. Don’t have your favourite food when you start chemotherapy as you will associated it with your chemotherapy experience in the future.
    4. Use iglu for ulcers. Much better than bonjela.

Radiotherapy – Tips to reduce burning improve appearance of scars

a. R1 cream during radiotherapy
b. R2 cream after radiotherapy
c. Silicon cream or sheet to flatten keloid scarring
d. My Trusty Skincare launched by Salisbury NHS Foundation. ‘My Trusty Little Sunflower Cream’, repackaged in new attractive 100ml tubes and made available for general sale through a new website: and over the counter in the hospital Pharmacy, League of Friends sweet shop, the staff club and Cashier’s Office.
e. Duncan’s Unctions
f. 99% pure aloe vera gel

When you have finished treatment

      1. Struggling to get back to ‘normal’ after treatment for breast cancer? Adapting to life after treatment can often be difficult and you might need some support in adjusting. Join a Moving Forward course. Our members have found this immensely helpful.


We will be adding to this list!


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