Fundraising for Wessex Cancer Trust – 165 miles of walking and cycling in January 2018

I first heard about this fundraising challenge in December 2017 and thought that it was just the thing I needed to keep my active in January!

I am so happy and proud of myself for completing 165 miles in the month of January. I did it walking and cycling. I started having issues with my heart over Christmas which ruled out running and I used the bike in the gym a lot to monitor my heart rate. 31st Jan was especially challenging. I only filed my tax returns on the 30th (that’ll teach me to leave it so late!) so had just one day to do the last 18 miles. It was a struggle but I managed it in the evening between my youngest son’s volleyball practice!

Here is my evidence:
1/1 Walked 8.1 miles
2/1 Walked 8.4 miles
3/1 Walked 2 miles
4/1 Walked 0.5 miles
5/1 Walked 0.8 miles
6/1 Walked 2.5 miles
7/1 Cycled 10 miles
10/1 Walked 1.8 miles & Cycled 10 miles
13/1 Cycled 2 miles
14/1 Cycled 11.8 miles
17/1 Cycled 14.1 miles
18/1 Walked 1 mile & Cycled 10 miles
19/1 Cycled 13.7 miles
20/1 Cycled 4 miles
22/1 Cycled 13.5 miles
24/1 Cycled 14 miles
25/1 Cycled 3.6 miles
29/1 Cycled 15.3 miles
31/1 Cycled 18.1 miles

Total miles = 165.2 miles

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and generosity.

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