Eastleigh 15 May 2018 Meeting Summary

A very warm welcome to our new visitor Linda! We hope you enjoyed meeting everyone and we look forward to seeing you again.

Q & A with Claire Barnaby, Breast Care Specialist Nurse

We are very grateful for Claire’s visit. Many ladies found it informative and useful.

Vaginal Athropy
Very common condition affecting about half of ladies. For a small number of ladies, the condition is debilitating where even walking or sitting hurts.
Generally the following may help alleviate symptoms:
1. Vaginal moisturisers
2. Probiotic yoghurt or foods like kefir, kombucha or fermented foods like kimchi or even probiotic supplements. Taking probiotics does work for many women.
3. Emu Oil and Emuaid which are not available on the NHS.
4. Holiday from current hormone medication – please discuss with a medical professional first.
5. Laser treatment – not available on the NHS.
6. Oestrogen pessaries and oestrogen cream are only prescribed as a last resort

Claire also brought some samples for ladies to try. We have extra which Jackie will bring to the next Winchester meeting.

Unfortunately there is currently no successful treatment for extreme cases. Please do contact us if you know of one!

Lymphoedema (notes from Jackie E)
If lymphoedema = ring bc nurse – they will assess you and show you self massage techniques
Helen is lymphoedema masseuse at winchester hospital – very busy
Claire (bcn) has just learnt how to use Kinesio tape for more severe cases – possible allergies to tape so need to go through bc nurses and we have to pay for the tape ourselves

What to do with concerns of any persistent aches and pains
If worry about secondaries = go to GP first and mention history of cancer to get early / emergency appt.
If worry is in area of breast = ring bc nurses BUT just recently the process is changing so you may be asked to go to GP for referral first

1. Normally 5 annual mammograms then 3 yearly mammograms after that. They are usually done by GP surgery area so you may find a bit over or under 3 years. Contact GP surgery if not called.
2. Screening ages for BC = First mammogram at around age 47-50. Then every 3 years until age 70-73.
3. If over screening age with history of cancer ask GP for breast screening program tel no and ring to get a mammogram – then self refer every 3 years afterwards (mammograms stop at 73 ish unless you have history, but its up to you to ring up)

Group Events

1. Betsie Jane River Cruise donated by Blue Box Experiences – Friday 22 June 2018
Please email Jackie Evans if you have any questions about the cruise by this Friday 18 May. She will be visiting the venue on Monday.
Please send back GDPR forms if not done so already

2. Longstock Water Garden
1. Jackie Bugg and Sue Arnold have kindly agreed to organise a visit if possible.
2. Our budget per head is £8.50. Any cost above that will have to be borne by those going. Entrance is £10 per head and afternoon tea at Leckford Farm shop is £16.95 for two. Jackie and Sue will try to get a discount.
3. 12 ladies have indicated interest.

3. Beginner Bike Ride in August
We thought we’d do something in August as there is no meeting this month. Linda is a Breeze Champion and plans to lead a gentle 7 mile cycle ride to Eastleigh Lakeside. Please bring some money for a coffee stop on route. Our pace will be slow and steady to allow everyone to get to know each other and gain confidence cycling with the group. The route is circular and we’ll use cycle paths as much as possible. We’ll always ride at the pace of the slowest rider so no-one is left behind. It’s a great opportunity to do a bit of gentle exercise and socialise at the same time in a supportive atmosphere. It doesn’t matter whether it’s been months or years since you’ve ridden a bike. Please dress appropriately for the weather. Wearing a helmet is advisable. Any type of bike is suitable as long as it’s in good working order.

Upcoming Events & Information from Jane Wooton at Wessex Cancer Trust

1. Wednesday Workouts at Wessex Cancer Trust Chandlers Ford – every Wednesday 11am at £5 per session. Take part seated or standing. There are spaces still available if you are interested in some gentle exercises. Please call Lisa on 01489 893291 or 07903953383 to sign up.
2. Personal Colour Analysis by Nicky in June – date to be confirmed. Contact 023 8051 6576 if interested.
3. Charlie conducting an Introduction to Aromatherapy on 4 June. Please call 023 8051 6576 if interested.
4. Coffee & Craft session on Thursday 17 May.
5. Cancer Prevention and Awareness Day 9.30am-4.30pm Friday 29 June 2018. Above Bar Pedestrian Precinct, Southampton.
6. Tomato plants available for a donation
7. Cakes available for a donation

Attendance: 16
Collections – £16

None. Members made donations to Wessex Cancer for cakes

– Donation to Wessex Cancer Trust £8
– LB – £2.55

Balance: £5.45

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