Eastleigh – 19 Feb 2019 Meeting Summary

We had a really good meeting! Lots of active discussion about radiotherapy and side effects, lymphoedema and how simple and regular massage makes a huge difference.
Summary of discussion:
1. Next Eastleigh meet on 19 Mar with Amoena. Jane will give a talk on bra fittings, do bra fittings, show the latest breast forms, swimwear and display some bras for sale. Linda requested for really comfortable (not tight around the ribs), non-wired, padded bras. At least half the ladies have bigger cup sizes. Update: Linda emailed Amoena on 20/2 for specific bra sizes and also asked if they stock any support vests.

2. Winchester 2 Apr meet with breast care nurses (BCN). Ladies requested for sample breast forms and how to apply to be fitted. Linda emailed BCN on 20/2 for the following:
– Please could we have brief updates and announcements from the unit (treatment/staff/facilities)
– Would you bring some sample breast forms and let us know of any fitting days or how to arrange for a fitting.
– Are there any volunteering opportunities
– Anything else that might be interesting!
3. There seem to be a gap in connecting ladies with young children. It was suggested that a post is made to Sandie’s Breast Cancer Friends Hampshire UK facebook group as there are local ladies there with young children. Meet ups can then be arranged.
4. Rebranding to WECanSupport – one concern was that people searching for breast cancer support online might not be able to find the new website. Linda, being an search optimisation specialist assured that she will make sure the website will still rank high for the search phrase. The current website currently ranks on the first page of Google for
– eastleigh cancer support (top)
– winchester cancer support (top)
– winchester breast cancer (top)
– eastleigh breast cancer (2nd)
– winchester breast cancer support (top)
– eastleigh breast cancer support (top)
4. Volunteer refreshment sheet was passed round for members to fill in
5. Linda has asked if Jackie B would arrange for us to go to Longstock Water Gardens in June this year.
6. Linda will try to organise regular short walks in Chandlers Ford

Attendance: 9
Collection: £9.00
Expenses: 0
Donation to Wessex Cancer Trust: £4.50
Balance: £4.50 given to treasurer with receipt for biscuits £2.50

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