Winchester 5 April 2016 Meeting Summary

It was lovely to see the regulars and also some whom we haven’t seen in a while. Lovely to see you Sue, Pearl, Gill and Karen! Thank you for wearing your pink name labels. Don’t think he’ll forget Jackie 😉

Steve has been very efficient and posted a quick summary on his website. At our meeting, Steve gave a quick introduction about himself. You can read about Steve on his website.

Please would you send us your feedback on how you found the meeting via the contact form.

Angie chaired the meeting and went through as many questions as she could with Steve. Answers to the questions asked will be on a separate post which will be published soon.

A big thank you
Attendance: 15
Collection: £15
Expenses: Biscuits – £1. Crisps – £1. Card & gift for Steve Brine – £13 (Flowers and toys)

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