Eastleigh 19 April 2016 Meeting Summary

A very warm welcome to our new visitors Helen and Debra!  Both said they enjoyed themselves which was good. It’s always a bit nerve wrecking going somewhere where you don’t know anyone.

We chatted about the following:

  1. Proposed visits to NGS gardens on Sunday, 12th June at Cranbury Park and 7/10 (Thursday or Sunday – to be confirmed) July at Crawley Gardens. We would like to have a group photo at 3pm for both visits.
  2. Wessex Cancer Trust raffle tickets – draw ends very soon on 23 April.

Attendance: 5
Total collection: £3.50. Donation to Wessex Cancer Trust: £2.50
Expenses: £0.98 for biscuits. £1.49 for Percol Organic Coffee for Winchester meeting

Balance: -1.47 to Linda



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