Retreat 7-9 June 2016 – “A place to be” by Andrea Johnston

Miranda and I went to one that Andrea ran nearly 3 years ago and it was fantastic. It really helped with our recovery. Do pass on the information to anyone you think may benefit.

Andrea says “This  retreat includes yoga, and more  techniques to help you live a more happy balanced life.

Once again we will come to the California Barn in Swanage, and  give yourself permission for two days relaxation, time for you.
within the retreat we will be ~
Experiencing meditation.
yoga class.
Eating organic healthy food.
Art therapy.
Walking to a lovely beauty spot called dancing ledge, and so much more.

Within  the retreat we have a 3 course meal cooked.”

California Barn Swanage

£280.00 all inclusive (deposit £50.00)

Retreat – A place to Be.

June 7th-9th

Email Andrea at or call her mobile at 07904639880

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