25 May 2016 – LYLAC Free One Day Workshop in Southampton

Live Your Life After Cancer
One-day Workshop
This FREE one-day workshop is for people who are affected by cancer and are
looking for ways to regain zest for life and direction.
This day has been developed by two women who have had cancer and are
qualified life coaches. The day will be inspiring, motivating and fun.
During this free workshop you will have the opportunity to:
> Meet other people with similar experience.
> Explore the impact of cancer on your life, and use this as a starting
point to (re)balance your life.
> Learn about setting goals and about how to create an action plan to
achieve your goals.
> Learn how to become and stay motivated.
> Develop skills for living well in the moment.
By the end of the day you will have created your own personal plan to move
forward in a positive way and you will have gained skills that you can use in
everyday life.
Number of participants limited to 12 with 2 facilitators.
Location: Macmillan Information and Support Centre, Southampton General Hospital.

Wednesday 25 May 2016, 10am – 4pm

To register: Mary.Weavers@uhs.nhs.uk or call 02381 206037
Questions about the workshop: info@lylac.net or call 07901 735207

Feedback from participants:
“I can now focus on my future again after a long time feeling in limbo…..”
“I have achieved an awful lot by now thinking in a complete different way…..”
“The workshop gave me skills for life. Wish I’ve done this much earlier…..”
“It motivated me to look at myself and decide what I want to do in the future.…”
“”I now have a clear view on how I can proceed…..”
“What a worthwhile day! Fantastic workshop!”

Click here to view poster – LYLAC One Day Workshop Soton 25 May 2016

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