Winchester 7 June 2016 Meeting Summary

A very warm welcome to our new visitor Debra. We had a lovely time introducing ourselves and catching up with each other as this was the first meeting this year without speakers or activities.

1. Members brought articles and cancer related leaflets to share with each other.

2. Jackie gave a brief update about the Winchester Race for Life event which she took part in on 5 June. Well done Jackie! Linda asked for a photograph that she could put on the website.

3. Linda mentioned two NGS Garden Visits for the group
a. 12 June 2016 – NGS Garden Visit at Cranbury Park – Mary and Linda hope to go with their partners
b. 7 or 10 Jul 2016 – NGS Crawley Gardens – The group decided that Sunday, 10 Jul was a more suitable date. Sue, Mary and Linda hope to go. We hope for good weather as it’d be a lovely gal’s day out!

4. The group discussed other events as follows:
5 Jul – Andrea Johnston will introduce the group to Mindfulness and also talk about the retreat she runs.
They would love to have the breast care nurse to visit and give us an update. Linda has emailed Ann and Claire proposed dates and also invited all the nurses to join us at NGS Crawley. Group also proposed to have Wessex Cancer Trust to give a talk. Linda will email.
Reference to events the group would like.

5. Linda apologised for forgetting to bring name labels. She will bring them to future meetings.

Attendance: 8
Total collection: £8.60
Expenses: £0
Balance: £7.93 + 8.60 = £16.53 for the treasurer



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