Eastleigh 21 June 2016 Meeting Summary

A huge welcome to our new visitor Georgina! We’ll be thinking of you as you start your treatment and hope you respond well to it.

Clare – Breast Care Nurse talked about Open Access being rolled out next April, which won’t effect any ladies already in the system. Open access is where you no longer have the 6 month check up for 5/10 yrs, you will have your annual mammogram and will be able to contact BCN if you have any issues or worries, rather than attend 10 minute appointment twice a year. This is my very simplistic view but lots of Trust are rolling this out. Click here to read about Open Access Follow-Up at the Breast Clinic

Next meeting is on Tuesday 19 Jul 2016 at 7.30pm

Attendance: 5
Total collection: £5.00. Donation to Wessex Cancer Trust: £2.50
Expenses: £0

Balance: £16.53 (from last Winchester meet to be collected from L) + £2.50 (from A) = £19.03 for the treasurer

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