Winchester 5 July 2016 Meeting Summary

A very warm welcome to our new visitors Kate, Libby and Vivienne. We would also like to thank Sarah, Gayle and Andrea for coming all the way from Poole! Everyone liked their fancy name badges! Please keep them safe and wear them to all meetings.

Andrea Johnstone said that the average person thinks of 60-70 thousand thoughts a day. Meditating 3 times a days for 10 mins at a time would help us lead a calmer life.

Andrea introduced 3 different ways of meditation:

  • Breath awareness (eyes closed, breath in through the nose and out through the mouth)
  • Mindful eating (we were given grapes to eat. We were asked to be aware of the taste texture,etc…)
  • Visual meditation (we were shown a youtube video of beautiful, calm images)

The groups agreed to give Andrea their email addresses so Andrea can follow up and see how everyone’s progressing.

Linda mentioned 10 Jul 2016 – NGS Crawley Gardens – A few ladies are interested in going.
Click here to see events that the group have voted for.

Thank you very much to all of you who have made our newcomers feel welcomed, Ruth for bringing milk, all who help served refreshments and washed up and tidied up. I’ve emailed the church to say how grateful we are for their help in setting up the projector, laptop and flip chart.

Attendance: 19
Total collection: £12
Expenses: £5.78 (present) £1.73 (biscuits)
Balance: £19.03 + £12 – £7.51 = £23.52 for the treasurer. Linda gave £21.02 to the treasurer. Angie will give £2.50 collected from the last meeting.

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