Winchester 5 Nov 2019 – Meeting Summary

A warm welcome was given to Cassandra Callaway (Cassie) the Health Care Support Worker for Winchester & Basingstoke Breast Clinics. All ladies present introduced themselves individually & then Cassie told us about herself & services offered.

  • Cassie has been in post for 7 months now & has seen a lot of changes to services even in the past 6 months. 
  • She covers all Breast Cancer patients Holistic needs from diagnosis, after treatment or at 6 months, until discharge which can be 3- 5 years after diagnosis.
  • 30 days after diagnosis she gives out the Holistic Needs Assessement Forms (HNA) – Please see attachments.
  • Her telephone number for Winchester is: 01962 828345 and patients can phone anytime & leave a message. She always replies within 24 hours during the working week Monday to Friday.
  • She is available for any questions and will either advise herself directly or possibly phone back with a reply or refer patients onto the Breast Care Nurses. 

The meeting continued with various discussions. Two members questioned the Dexa Scan referrals & results as it seems not everyone offered one & also results are a hit & miss as when given to patients & by whom.

  • Dexa scan are offered to patients who are to be given aromatose inhibitors treatment for ER/PR positive BC as a baseline for osteoporosis of the bones.
  • This is normally repeated 2-3 years after but there was confusion as to who refers the patient for the follow-up although most thought the GP.
  • The results it seems are being sent to GP surgery so GP can prescribe drugs to treat osteoporsis if necessary.
  • Some ladies reported never receiving their results & Cassie took note to investigate this & all of the above.
  • Nuclear Bones Scans were mentioned but it was explained that Dexa Scans & Nuclear Bone Scans are totally different.
  1. Dexa Scans are to establish if bones are thining due to medication. Initially referred by Consultant then follow-up by GP.
  2. Nuclear Bone Scans to identify any bone disease if the patient is suffering severe bone pain. Referred by Consultant.

Cassie  excused herself after chatting to us for about 1 hour. She was thanked by all for coming along & giving us her time. We all agreed it seems to be a very good & needed service in the Breast Clinics. 

Attendance: 8
Collection: £8.00
Expenses Milk & Biscuits: £3.50
Balance: £4.50
Paid to Bank by Sandie on 6.11.19

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